Student Groups

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ASUU: It’s On Us

The It’s On Us campaign for the university helps to increase awareness of sexual assault on college campuses. It’s On Us educates students about bystander intervention and sexual assault prevention and encourages students to take the pledge to end sexual assault on campus.

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Students Against Sexual Assault

Students Against Sexual Assault is a student group that works to counter sexual assault and harassment by advocating for policy reform, challenging rape and dating myths, and encouraging greater dialogue regarding sexual assault.

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Nurses for Universal Reproductive and Sexual Education (NURSE)

NURSE focuses on providing comprehensive education on reproduction and sexuality to nursing students. It is a local chapter of the national organization Nursing Students for Choice.

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Students for Choice

Students for Choice is a student group at the University of Utah working to educate students about their reproductive health choices and encourage participation in local government. Working in conjunction with the Planned Parenthood Action Council, the organization believes in the fundamental rights of every individual, throughout the world, to manage their fertility, regardless of income, marital status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, national origin, disability, or residence.

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SLC Against Sexual Assault

SLC Against Sexual Assault is a community group that aims to address how the University of Utah handles sexual assault on campus. This group works to provide university administration with feedback from students on how to better help survivors and deconstruct rape culture.

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Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is a student group which seeks to promote the wellness of students on campus. Members and peer educators work together to educate students, host events and create awareness around issues of sexual assault.