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Reporting to the Police

What Is the Reporting Process Like?

Reporting can be difficult, but it helps many people feel empowered when they are able to regain some control over the situation. When disclosing to a police investigator, you may be asked for a description of the incident including the date, time, location, and information about the perpetrator(s). Throughout the process, you can control the information you share and can choose to stop sharing at any point.
To report to law enforcement, contact the local police department where the crime occurred. When visiting an emergency room or the Family Justice Center for a sexual assault exam (link to medical resources) a police investigator will be notified and you will have the opportunity to file a report. A police investigator will conduct the investigation and a victim advocate will be made available to you. 

What Is the Investigation/Adjudication Process Like?

Each investigation and adjudication process is individualized, but a basic outline can be found here.
During the filing of a police report, you may choose to discontinue interaction with the police and refrain from pursuing an investigation at any time. If you choose to pursue an investigation, the police will collect evidence and encourage you to complete a sexual assault exam (at no cost to you) if you have not already done so. Additionally, you may request a court order of protection. The office of the district attorney for the area will evaluate the results of the investigation to determine the continuation of criminal proceedings. 
Note: You may pursue adjudication via the criminal justice system, the university process with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action or both simultaneously. University police will share reports of sexual misconduct with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

For More Information on Reporting to the Police:

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